7 Hobby Ideas to Live an Interesting and Fulfilling Life

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The 7 Hobbies You Need to Grow and Live an Interesting Life

A few weeks ago, I came across a video on Tik Tok about five hobbies we need to have. Of course, since it’s a Tik Tok video, the video was only a few seconds long.

However, I felt inspired to expand on this topic because I believe that having hobbies – and hobbies of different kinds – is a great way to grow and make our lives more interesting.

So, here we go: seven types of hobbies to make ourselves and our lives better.

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1. A Hobby That Keeps You in Shape

We all know that exercising is essential to living a long and healthy life and having enough energy to go through the day. No one likes to feel out of breath after climbing a few stairs, yet many people dread the idea of exercising so much that they prefer to cope with the discomfort of being in poor physical condition.

But who said exercising had to be a burden? Moving our bodies can and should be enjoyable. It can be a hobby.

Sure, there may be some types of exercise you may not like, but there are plenty of options out there for you to find something you enjoy.

I personally don’t enjoy group workouts at all. I have no coordination and feel (and look) stupid. I once stumbled over my own feet and fell on the floor during a hip-hop dance workout and never went back.

To find your hobby-that-keeps-you-in-shape, you’ll first need to explore and experiment with different types of exercise. Some people like working out alone, others prefer doing it in a group. Some like going to the gym, others prefer exercising outside.

There are so many types of exercises you can choose from, like climbing, yoga, hiking, biking, swimming, CrossFit, kettlebell swinging, and so on. Consider trying one for a month just to see how it goes. If you like it after that month, then continue; if you hate it, try something else.

To make exercising a hobby, we need to (eventually) enjoy it.

However, we must give it some time. Not everything will be fun in the beginning. The more we do it, though, the easier and more enjoyable it becomes.


2. A Hobby That Makes You Money

The second hobby is one that makes you money. It’s called a “side hustle.” It’s something you do in your free time that brings in extra money in addition to your full-time job.

Having a side hustle is extremely rewarding.

Creating an extra income stream from scratch makes you feel capable, independent, and proud of yourself. It also increases your sense of security because you don’t depend on just one income stream to pay your bills or take a vacation.

A side hustle can be anything from working as an Uber driver on weekends to creating a blog or a YouTube channel and receiving money from ad revenue or starting a dog walking business.

Since it’s a hobby, it must be something you enjoy. I recommend listening to The Side Hustle Show podcast and reading Chris Guillebeau’s books, The $100 Startup and Side Hustle, for inspiration.

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3. A Hobby That Expands Your Knowledge

The first thing that probably comes to your mind is reading. Yes, reading is a great way to become more knowledgeable about something, but it’s not the only thing you can do.

I love going for a walk and listening to podcasts and audiobooks. I do this for at least an hour most days, and it’s another one of my favorite things to do.

You could also take classes on Skillshare, watch documentary films, or read blogs or magazines.

A YouTuber I love (her channel is Antonia and the Universe) does something pretty cool to expand her knowledge that you may want to try. It’s something she calls “The Yearly Theme.”

Every year, she picks a theme that she then commits to exploring in-depth. So far, she has explored productivity, nutrition, yoga, minimalism, and mindfulness.

The idea is to pick something you want to learn and make it your theme for that whole year. If you choose productivity, read productivity books, listen to productivity podcasts, perhaps take a productivity course, and make sure to implement what you learn as you go.

I believe that the idea of a yearly learning theme is a very effective way to become more knowledgeable in an area because it forces you to dive deep into a topic.

Types of hobbies

4. A Hobby That Makes You a Better Human

Next up is a hobby that makes you a better human. It could be something that builds your character, helps you become kinder, or makes you contribute positively to other people’s lives.

For example, you could attend weekly group meditations or meditate at home. Meditation will help you build resilience, have less stress and anxiety, and become more patient and understanding toward others.

Volunteering at a shelter would likely make you more compassionate. Doing yoga or martial arts will help you be more focused and present and develop self-control.

Think of something about yourself that you would like to improve— not a skill, but a way of being— and try to find a hobby that will help you cultivate this new way of being.

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5. A Hobby That Builds Skill

Of course, you’ll also want to think about investing in a hobby that develops new skills. A skill is something that you can use in your work or that makes your life easier in some way.

For example, since I write a lot for my work, learning about and practicing creative writing is very useful. Developing and cultivating that skill allows me to progress in my work and side projects.

Think of a skill that could bring you more interesting opportunities in your work or increase your income or a skill that improves your cognitive abilities, like solving a Rubik’s Cube or juggling.

It could also be a skill that helps you save time, like speed reading.

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6. A Hobby That Cultivates Social Connections

If there’s one thing the past year has shown us, having strong social connections and bonding with other humans is vital to our well-being.

Being an introvert and enjoying being alone, it’s something that I have neglected in the past few years. Since last year, I’ve realized how important having a good social life is for our mental and emotional health, even for us introverts.

One of the best ways to cultivate a vibrant social life is to have social hobbies— it could be playing a sport like tennis, joining a hiking club, or attending meetups about a topic that interests you.

Leisure activities are perhaps the best way to meet and bond with new people.

The more invested you are in your hobby, the more likely you’ll make strong connections with the people who share the same passion. Going to one meetup every three months might not be enough to connect with members of the group, but if you go every week, you’re more likely to make friends.

How to find a hobby

7. A Hobby to Have Fun

Last but not least is a hobby to have fun. It’s a hobby you solely for the sake of pure enjoyment, not for making money, getting in shape, or becoming an expert in your field.

This kind of hobby is challenging for me because I have a very entrepreneurial mindset and tend to envision a business in everything I do. I do this unconsciously.

For example, a few years ago, I wanted to learn to make malas, which are beaded necklaces people use for meditation. Instead of buying a few beads to make a mala one afternoon at home just for fun, I went to a bulk store and bought $600 worth of beads, thinking I would start a mala factory and sell the necklaces on Etsy. I still have the beads, by the way, because I ended up not enjoying making malas.

The thing is, not everything we do needs to have a goal for self and life improvement. Having a hobby just for enjoyment and fun is a way to relax and disconnect from the demands of everyday life.

If you don’t have a hobby just for fun yet, I encourage you to find one and spend an hour every week doing it.

What Hobby Will You Start?

Having hobbies of different kinds can make our lives more interesting, give us opportunities to connect and bond with other people, and help us grow.

I hope you’ve had as much fun reading this article as I did writing it.

Also, I’ve written another post about three practical ways to make our lives more colorful and exciting that I think you may also like.

Have a great week. 


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